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    Elbow Pain Doctor in New York City

    Usually caused by repetitive arm, wrist and hand motions or simple overuse, elbow pain may also emerge when arthritis affects the joint. Common joint issues addressed by an elbow pain doctor in NYC include bursitis, osteoarthritis, tendinitis, strains and sprains and stress fractures. While most elbow pain can be treated at home with RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation), you should have elbow pain checked by an elbow pain doctor in Staten Island if:

    • Your elbow presents severe swelling and pain that spreads into the upper arm
    • You hear a popping or cracking noise if you fall on your arm or elbow
    • You suffer a dislocation of the elbow
    • You have a “pins and needles” feeling or a loss of sensation in your arm, hand or both
    • You cannot perform normal daily activities after three days of elbow pain

    Causes of Elbow Pain


    Also called “tennis elbow,” tendonitis affects large tendons attached to your elbow from your forearm’s muscles. Repetitive motions cause most tendinitis conditions diagnosed by your elbow pain doctor in Jersey City. Tendinitis inflames tendons, but should not restrict your range of motion, since the inner elbow joint is not injured. For people suffering chronic tendonitis, x-rays may show development of calcium deposits within tendons or other elbow joint abnormality that may require the attention of an elbow surgeon in Jersey City.


    Between the olecranon (the bone at the back of your elbow) and your skin lies fluid-filled sacs called bursae that facilitate skin moving freely over this pointy bone. Normally, your elbow’s bursae are flat, until they become inflamed or irritated by trauma, prolonged pressure (leaning on your elbow for extended periods) or infections caused by skin wounds that allow bacteria to infect bursae. In addition, gout is a medical condition commonly associated with bursitis.

    Initial symptoms of bursitis are swelling and pain. Swelling may become large enough to restrict bending the elbow if not treated by an elbow pain doctor in Staten Island.

    Elbow Sprains

    Tear or stretch injuries to elbow ligaments will “sprain” the elbow and cause stiffness and pain. Hyperextended or jammed elbows often result in a sprained elbow that usually responds to RICE. However, complete or multiple ligament tears may require a professional evaluation by an elbow surgeon in New York City.

    When is Elbow Arthroscopy Recommended?

    Painful elbow conditions that do not respond to noninvasive treatments may need elbow arthroscopy. In addition to relieving pain due to damaged soft tissues or cartilage surfaces surrounding your elbow joint, elbow arthroscopy can also remove loose bone chips or release thickened scar tissue restricting motion of the elbow joint.

    Arthroscopy performed by your elbow surgeon in Jersey City is a minimally invasive procedure that allows you to return home after spending about two hours in post-operative recovery. If you are suffering chronic elbow pain and stiffness, call Regional Orthopedic today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced and knowledgeable elbow surgeons.