• Total Joint Replacement

    Total Joint Replacement Surgeon in New York City

    Arthritic or damaged joints that are chronically painful, stiff and unusable may qualify for a total joint replacement procedure in which degenerated joints are replaced by a ceramic, plastic or metal prosthesis. Designed to replicate the biomechanics of a healthy joint, a prosthesis can be inserted in nearly all major joints by an experienced joint replacement surgeon in NYC in as little as two hours on an outpatient basis.

    Over one million total replacement joint surgeries are done every year in the U.S. on people of all ages. While knee and hip replacements are the most commonly performed, elbow, ankle, wrist and shoulder replacement procedures are routinely completed as well.

    When Is a Total Joint Replacement Procedure Recommended?

    Your total joint replacement surgeon in Staten Island may recommend undergoing this surgery if your chronic joint pain is due to damaged cartilage that lines the end of certain shoulder bones (articular cartilage). This type of damage usually happens as a result of suffering fractures, arthritis or other degenerative joint disease.

    During surgery, any damaged bone and/or cartilage is removed and replaced with a prosthetic component. If you were having total joint replacement done on your hip, your surgeon would remove the “ball,” or upper end of your femur, and replace it with a metallic ball attached to a stem that fits into your femur. Then, a plastic socket would be implanted in your pelvis to replace the damaged hip socket.

    If things go smoothly, your total joint replacement surgeon in Jersey City should complete your surgery in a few hours. Total joint replacements can either be performed as outpatient surgery or in a hospital setting.

    Are There Complications Associated with Total Joint Replacement Surgery?

    The majority of post-operative complications can be treated quickly and successfully. Commonly seen complications following joint replacement surgery include blood clots, wound site infection or loosening of the prosthesis. These complications are addressed with medications or minimally invasive treatment. Your total replacement surgeon in NYC will discuss any concerns you have about this procedure and explain all risks and benefits of joint replacement.

    Recovering from Total Joint Replacement Surgery

    Each patient responds to recovery and rehabilitation differently. Your surgeon will encourage you to not be afraid to use your new, replacement joint shortly after the operation. Although it is challenging to begin relying on your new joint for support, always follow your doctor’s instructions to expedite and promote a healthy recovery. You may be asked to engage in physical therapy for several weeks after your total joint replacement surgery, especially if your replacement involved the hip or knee.

    Long-term outcome for total joint replacement surgery is excellent, with most people enjoying their prosthetic replacement for up to 15 years, along with a better quality of life.

    To find out if a total joint replacement procedure is right for you, call Regional Orthopedic to make an appointment with a skilled total joint replacement surgeon in New York City.