• Benefits of PRP Hair Regrowth and Where to Find Treatment

    Benefits of PRP Hair Regrowth and Where to Find Treatment

    Hair Loss Facts

    Hair loss is a genetic problem in both males and females that could leave you feeling helpless and embarrassed. Instead of you worrying over your hair or trying a solution that could lead to harmful side effects, PRP hair therapy in New York can help you gain your hair and confidence back.

    What Is PRP Hair Therapy?

    PRP therapy started as a way to heal damaged joints after an injury or surgery.1 The process includes drawing your blood, then spinning it in a centrifuge. This process separates the plasma from the platelets. Plasma helps repair blood vessels and promotes growth — both cell growth and hair growth. After doctors discovered that a high concentration of platelets in plasma cells can help hair growth, they started using it for hair therapy.

    After a doctor separates your blood in a centrifuge, they inject the plasma using a small needle into the places in your scalp where you’ve experienced hair loss. The number of PRP hair treatments you need depends on your treatment plan, but your doctor may recommend several treatments a month apart for the best results. You’ll also need maintenance treatments 2 to 4 times a year.

    While PRP hair therapy is not a cure for baldness, also known as Androgenetic Alopecia, it can slow down the effects of baldness and increase your hair density. This change can be a breakthrough for the 811,363 individuals worldwide who suffer from hair loss and seek some kind of professional help.

    Benefits of PRP Hair Therapy

    PRP hair therapy provides numerous benefits. For example, one study found positive effects of PRP injections on male pattern hair loss without any major side effects.2 Another study in November 2018 found that PRP hair therapy helped create greater thickness and hair density.3

    Here are some of the additional benefits of PRP hair therapy:

    • Virtually painless process
    • Only 10-15-minute process, with the treatment itself taking 3-5 minutes
    • No downtime or recovery process
    • Increased blood supply to the follicle
    • Triggered and maintained growth phase
    • Hair growth cycle controlled

    Unlike PRP hair therapy, other hair treatment options can cause harmful side effects, and you may not see results even when you take medication consistently over time. For example, minoxidil causes your scalp to become dry and itchy, while finasteride could cause sexual dysfunction in men. You could also choose a hair transplant, but this surgery can be expensive and leave scars.


    PRP Hair Treatment New York

    When you need to choose a PRP hair treatment facility in New York, choose Regional Orthopedics. Dr. Syed Husain is our lead physician trained to provide PRP hair therapy in the area.

    Our goal is to help you have the best experience possible and start seeing results so that you can live to your fullest. Contact us now to learn more about PRP hair therapy, have your questions answered, and schedule an appointment.

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