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    A top-rated orthopedic center in Manhattan, Regional Orthopedics offers a comprehensive selection of treatment programs and surgical procedures specially designed to address musculoskeletal injuries and diseases. In addition to providing joint fracture care, spine surgery, sports medicine and joint pain management, Regional Orthopedics in NYC also specializes in joint resurfacing, an advanced form of joint replacement providing pain and stiffness relief to people suffering from early to mid-stage osteoarthritis. Joint resurfacing also leaves open the possibility of opting for total joint replacement surgery in the future if necessary, since only deteriorated cartilage is removed and replaced during a partial joint replacement procedure, and not the entire joint.

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    Regional Orthopedics joint pain doctors in Manhattan combine cutting-edge pathology and laboratory testing to accurately determine the cause of your joint pain. Microbiological cultures provide information about possible bone infections while chemical analysis of joint synovial fluid, as well as histopathological exams of damaged tissue, may be necessary for distinguishing diseases from infections. Magnetic resonance imaging, CT scans and other advanced x-ray techniques also give our joint pain management physicians the information they need to optimize patient comfort, health and well-being.

    For more information about Regional Orthopedics services at our Manhattan office, call us today and we will set up an appointment for you to consult with one of our joint pain doctors in Manhattan about treatment options.

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