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    Hip Pain Doctor in New York City

    Causes of hip pain may be due to bone or cartilage injury and/or disease in your hip. Hip fractures, joint/bone infections, osteonecrosis of the hip, arthritis and a hip labral tear are the most common diagnoses provided by your hip pain doctor in NYC. Other causes of feeling pain in the hip include bursitis, hamstring strain, hip flexor strain, groin strain, hip impingement syndrome and iliotibial band syndrome.

    Hip Injuries Causing Hip Pain

    Following a complete physical examination, x-rays, blood tests and/or MRI scans, your hip injury doctor in NYC may diagnose one or more of the following:

    Dislocation of the Hip

    Dislocation occurs when the ball of the femur dislocates from the hip’s socket, causing restricted mobility and severe pain. Hip dislocation injuries are usually seen in automobile accident victims or people suffering a severe fall. If you were born with hip dysplasia or a shallow hip socket, you may be prone to hip dislocation injury.


    Bursitis is inflammation and swelling of the bursae, or fluid-filled sacs that lubricate and cushion joints. Your hip joint bursae are located between the tendon passing over the greater trochanter (a bony bump at the side of the hip). Bursitis of the hip causes pain and soreness in the hip as well as the outside of your thigh. This type of bursitis is called trochanteric bursitis, and usually worsens when you walk or perform activities that force the tendon to rub against the bone.

    Labral Tears

    Damage to the cartilage surrounding the bony edges of the pelvis socket is usually a hip labral tear. Your hip pain doctor in Staten Island may provide this diagnosis if you repetitively use your hips in some kind of activity or if you are suffering early stage osteoarthritis. Falls or accidents causing twisting of the hip joint can also produce a hip labral tear.

    Snapping Hip Syndrome

    Characterized by an audible or silent snapping sensation in the hip joint area when you extend your hip, snapping hip syndrome affects bands of connective tissue supporting the hip. The snapping sound or feeling happens when the bands become thick and catch as they slide across the top of the femur. Bursitis is often co-diagnosed with snapping hip syndrome as the bursae underneath are irritated and inflamed. If you are experiencing these symptoms and engage in athletic activities (running, weightlifting, gymnastics), your hip injury doctor in Jersey City may diagnose you with snapping hip syndrome.

    When Should You Contact a Hip Pain Doctor in NYC?

    If your hip remains painful and stiff after one week of at-home treatment, if you have a rash or fever and if you experience recurring pain in both hips, contact Regional Orthopedic today to make an appointment. Although most hip pain does not involve serious injury or disease, neglecting to treat tissue or joint problems may worsen a condition that could have been successfully and promptly treated by one of our hip injury physicians.