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    Discover the Benefits of Spine and Pain Medicine

    If you have chronic joint pain and are wondering what options are available to reduce your pain set up an appointment with a Regional Orthopedics physician. We have a multiple specialists that can develop a custom treatment plan specifically for you and your needs. Don’t let pain hold you back any longer, contact us today!


    Types of Treatments

    Herbal Therapy

    Regional Orthopedics offers alternative pain treatment options, our doctors can review this type of treatment, the benefits, and answer any questions when you schedule an appointment.


    Our physicians will help determine if pain medication is the best solution for your condition or should be included in addition to other treatments.


    Our team provides Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma Injection treatment to help heal damaged tissue, wounds, and even diseased bones.


    Interventional pain management is a minimally invasive procedure to impact the transmission of “pain” messages to the brain.


    Some cases may require surgery by our experienced and locally trusted team to help repair the damaged area and help decrease your pain.

    Discuss Your Options

    Take the first step to getting your pain under control, schedule an appointment with of our

    physicians to review your pain management options. Our team understands that every patient

    and situation is unique which is why we take a custom approach to pain management options.

    We can help you discover a treatment to best fit your symptoms so, don’t wait any longer to

    find relief. Contact Regional Orthopedics today!

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    Syed Husain, D.O.

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    “Dr. Husain is an excellent doctor! He is not only very proficient in his field, but is one of the kindest doctors I’ve ever met! I have been suffering with my back for several years and now I’m walking because of him. Thank you Dr. Husain!”

    Martin Quirno, M.D.

    Learn More About Dr. Quirno

    “Dr. Quirno was an amazing doctor. I came in complaining of low back pain and his team and him took amazing care of me. I can honestly say he has changed my life. I’m now running and able to play with my kids.”