• Rotator Cuff Doctor in New York City

    Shoulder pain and stiffness that worsens or does not recede sends many people to their shoulder joint pain doctor in NYC. In addition to bursitis, tendinitis, arthritis or fractures causing shoulder pain, damage to rotator cuff muscles is another common reason people visit their Staten Island shoulder doctor.

    Four muscles comprise the rotator cuff, which stabilizes the shoulder joint and allows arms to freely rotate. Deliberately strengthening the muscles surrounding the rotator cuff may produce an imbalance of muscle power that results in the inability of rotator cuff tendons to properly buttress the joint during vigorous physical activity. In addition, injured rotator cuff tissues regularly become wedged between the acromion and the humerus, causing pain and inflammation. Developing arthritis and bursitis may also be culprits of rotator cuff pain. Only a thorough examination and professional diagnosis by a should joint pain doctor in Jersey City will determine the extent of a rotator cuff injury.

    Rotator Cuff Disease

    Rotator cuff disease generally affects individuals over 40. Initially emerging from inflammation and/or bursitis of the shoulder, this disease eventually advances to tendons experiencing small tears and finally full thickness tears. Tendon degeneration is the usual cause of rotator cuff disease, but individuals may not realize the extent of the disease until debilitating symptoms begin occurring, such as an inability to raise their arms or perform certain movements. Rotator cuff disease may be accompanied by severe nighttime pain or frozen shoulder.

    Why You May Need to Visit a Rotator Cuff Surgeon in Staten Island

    Torn rotator cuff surgery is necessary to re-attach the tendon to the upper arm bone (humerus). Partial rotator cuff tears may only need debridement, which involves smoothing or trimming of the partially torn tendon. Your rotator cuff surgeon in Jersey City may recommend surgery if noninvasive treatment does not relieve pain or if you frequently raise your arms to perform overhead work.

    Rotator cuff surgery may also be indicated if you have experienced chronic shoulder pain and stiffness for at least six months, have diminished shoulder functioning or if a tendon tear is larger than three centimeters.

    Arthroscopic Repair of Rotator Cuff Injuries

    Your rotator cuff doctor in Staten Island may perform arthroscopic surgery using a miniature camera to view damaged tendons. Arthroscopic shoulder repair is an outpatient procedure that uses surgical instruments so small that only minimal incisions are needed. Unlike open surgery requiring a hospital stay and extended recovery time, arthroscopy is the least invasive procedure for repairing a torn rotator cuff.

    Rotator cuff injuries require specialized attention by an experienced rotator cuff doctor in NYC. Call Regional Orthopedic today to make an appointment with one of our qualified rotator cuff physicians.