• How long will the HemiCAP® implant last?

    Your surgeon expects the devices to last as long as similar metallic devices but it will depend on your general health, activity level, and adherence to your doctor’s orders following surgery. Currently over 30,000 patients have been treated with Arthrosurface® implants.

    What happens if it fails?

    If it ever fails, it can be replaced with another HemiCAP® device or, if necessary, it may be converted to a joint replacement.

    Does it “burn any bridges?

    Compared to existing joint replacements there is mini- mal bone loss with the HemiCAP® implant. With a joint replacement, the entire bony surface, sometimes even both sides of the joint, are surgically removed to facili- tate the implant being placed. This means there is far less of the natural bone to work with if future surgery is required. The HemiCAP® system leaves more bone intact therefore leaving more options should future surgery be required.

    Will I feel it?

    No. The implant is surgically placed so there are no protruding edges. The bone and the implant become a smooth surface you will not feel.

    Will it set off airport security alarms?

    It should not. However after receiving the HemiCAP® implant you can ask your surgeon to give you an

    implant identification card (similar to your driver’s license) that can be shown to anyone should there be any question.

    How long will I be off of work?

    This will be dependent on your muscle strength, range of motion and the type of work you do. Many patient’s have experienced a rapid return to daily activities. However, as with all medical treatments, your results may vary.

    What type of physical therapy will I need to do?

    Your doctor and therapist will design a rehabilitation protocol to return strength to your muscles so that you can return to your original lifestyle.