• Shoulder Resurfacing Doctor in New York City

    An alternative to total shoulder replacement, shoulder resurfacing is recommended if a degenerative joint disease makes your shoulder constantly painful, stiff and sore. A shoulder resurfacing doctor in NYC may also suggest this procedure if the risk of tissue death is high due to a badly fractured upper arm bone. One of the most advanced shoulder resurfacing technologies available is called the Shoulder HemiCAP® System.

    Facts about the Shoulder HemiCAP® System

    • The HemiCAP® implant is utilized by your shoulder resurfacing doctor in Staten Island to facilitate matching the contour and shape of your shoulder’s cartilage surface. Basically, the HemiCAP® is a state-of-the-art patch for damaged cartilage in the shoulder designed to protect healthy tissues so that further damage is avoided.
    • Approved for disabled shoulder joints caused by avascular necrosis or post-traumatic degenerative disease, the HemiCAP® system consists of 3-D mapping technology, specialized instruments to assess and prepare affected areas and a cobalt-chrome CAP mated to a titanium post and UHMWPE (polyethylene) tibial implant.
    • By precisely aligning the implant’s surface to the contours of your shoulder cartilage surface, the HemiCAP® implant can successfully fill defects and restore a continuously smooth articular surface. Created to allow people to maintain an active lifestyle without interfering with future treatments, the Shoulder HemiCAP® System is highly recommended by a shoulder resurfacing doctor in Jersey City for patients who do not need total shoulder replacement surgery.
    • Clinical studies investigating the efficacy of the HemiCAP® implant have demonstrated positive outcomes, with patients reporting quick recovery times, pain relief and restoration of range of motion. Performed as an outpatient procedure, the Shoulder HemiCAP® System not only works to preserve healthy bone and tissue, but also maintains your normal joint biomechanics so you can return to your daily activities as soon as possible.

    HemiCAP® Implant for Avascular Necrosis

    Avascular necrosis (osteonecrosis) is bone tissue death due to lack of an adequate blood supply. Bone fractures, joint dislocation and long-term use of cortiscosteroids can interrupt blood flow to the shoulder and cause avascular necrosis. Reduced blood supply may also stem from fat deposits clogging blood vessels or diseases such as Gaucher’s disease or sickle cell anemia known to restrict blood flow. Although avascular necrosis may affect people of any age, it is often diagnosed in those between 30 and 60 years old.

    If your shoulder resurfacing doctor in Jersey City diagnoses you with avascular necrosis of the shoulder, he may recommend having the HemiCAP® implant procedure done to preserve healthy bone and tissue as well as optimal functioning of your shoulder. Tests needed to correctly evaluate an avascular necrosis condition include x-rays, imaging tests such as CT and MRI scans and possibly a bone scan. Safe and extremely effective for diagnosing bone diseases, bone scans involve injecting a substance into your vein so that injured areas of the bone show up clearly on imaging plates.

    To find out if you may be eligible for the HemiCAP® Implant, talk to a shoulder resurfacing doctor in NYC by calling Regional Orthopedic today.